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I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Williams in 1999 when I started as a temp employee with Debbie’s Staffing. During that time, Mrs. Williams became not only my “Bosslady”😊, but a mentor and friend. Also a very present help with my resume. I was able to land my current job as an Collections Account Representative for GM Financial in 2017. I am always and will be forever grateful for Mrs. Williams!! She’s the best at what she does and her passion is very evident!! You put in the work, she will help you with the rest!!

Nina Johnson

Collections Account Rep.
As long as I've known Tamika, (approximately 10 years) she has always shown diligence to succeed, passionate to encourage and promote the best in people. Her word is her bond. She serves with enthusiasm and zeal that is truly contagious. I learned a lot working with Tamika. So proud to see her in this great opportunity! Much success to you,

Darenda Mason

Business Developer/Recruiter
Tamika Williams helped customize my resume 2 years ago. Today, I still receive compliments from employers on how professional resume looks. My resume impressed HR so much, not only did I get the job . It also inspired my HR rep to tailor her own resume to look mine. I am forever grateful for Ms. Williams patience and professionalism.

Patrice Alsbrook

HR Professional
I just want to start off by saying Mrs.Tamika has helped me for many years in regards to building my resume, and helping me stay “Career Ready”! I have known Mrs.Tamika for about 6 years and whenever I was in the need of a professional helping hand, she was there. I have had an opportunity to achieve and be apart of many other job experiences such as Warehouse, Retail, and basic customer service. It has been an honor working with Mrs.Tamika and you won’t regret having her services! Support “On the Move Career Solutions”!

Kamryn Edwards

Lead Pre-school Teacher
After 2 years of job searching I was not getting the calls for interviews that I wanted. I reached out to Tamika to revise my resume. She met with me and asked me many questions about my goals, my achievements, and all of my job duties I performed. She created a resume for me that was fabulous. My resume reflected more of who I am and my abilities.

I sent this resume out to employers, and 2 months later I was accepting a new position! I am still at this job today and continue to love it. It is a perfect fit for me, and I am so grateful to Tamika for her resume expertise that helped me shine and find a great job that will advance my career!

Jennifer Browning

Healthcare Professional
My name is Khalin and I am a Customer Care Representative for Human Resources. I would like to state that Tamika is a true guide for success. She has assisted me in numerous of ways that not only constructed me as a professional but also as a person. I truly admire her drive and passion to arrange different ways to counsel her clients. After Tamika’s services, she has not only improved my personal skills but also improved my confidence. I am forever grateful for her time and positive energy.

Khalin Edwards

Customer Care Rep.
I would recommend Tamika Williams to anyone either looking to find new employment, or companies and individuals looking to enhance their recruitment efforts. I have been actively engaged with Tamika for well over two years with regard to my own career advancement efforts as well as a resource for my current management concerns. As a sales manager navigating the latest employee issues regarding COVID-19, Tamika has been a well-versed book of knowledge to draw upon as well as having the most current information regarding human resource issues. I have used her guidance on both a personal level while furloughed from my own company for three months in addition to helping guide staff through the return to work process which has brought about new and foreign issues that we have not engaged in before. I find her to be thorough, timely and compassionate with a high level of integrity. She is, as mentioned, an asset to both sides of the employment equation.

Yura Clary

Sales Team Manager